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The Balm of Gilead Charity and Wellbeing Foundation is a non-profit Christian organization established with the primary mission of enhancing the overall welfare and well-being of the African population. This mission is achieved through multifaceted initiatives spanning health and social development, human capacity enhancement, and economic empowerment. The foundation’s operational focus encompasses various critical areas, including leadership and governance, healthcare service delivery, strengthening the healthcare workforce, improving health information systems, ensuring access to essential medications/supplies, and sustainable financing mechanisms.

BOG Foundation


A Christ centered society achieved through good health and well-being.


To bring hope and succour to the vulnerable Nigerian populace by preaching Christ through health and well-being.

Core Values

We uphold accountability, and are able to give account of all we are entrusted with, ensuring transparency and responsibility. 

We say what we mean, and mean what we say, we are whole; integral and entirely reliable. 

We build a great environment for our cross-functional groups to thrive, we promote unity and cohesion at all levels.

We are inclusive not discriminatory, our initiatives embrace all.

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